10 stocking fillers under £10

  1. Asos Pom Pom Fluffy Socks - £6 - Fluffy socks are a necessity during winter, they make a great stocking filler and I thought these knitted socks from Asos were super cute (I love the little pom pom's!). 
  2. Paperchase Travel Mug - £10 - This is the perfect gift for a coffee addict, it makes taking your hot drinks on the go so much easier.
  3. Zoella Ginger Fizz Bath Bombs - £8 - As I love a good soak in the bath it seemed only right that I included a bath product in this post, these Zoella beauty bath bombs look and smell amazing. 
  4. Red Cherry Lashes - If you have a friend obsessed with beauty and glam then lashes make a great gift!
  5. Asos Love Vouchers - £6.99 - I saw these vouchers on Asos and I loved them, I think they are such a cute and thoughtful gift. You receive a pad full of vouchers that have a place for you to sign and date at the bottom each voucher says something different. This could also make for a fun DIY project, as it is easy enough to make yourself.
  6. Nutella Recipe Book - £7.99 - A recipe book always makes a good gift, so for the Nutella lover in your life this recipe book full of delicious recipes will make the ultimate gift.
  7. Paperchase Nail Files - £3 -  If you know somebody who loves doing there nails this is such a fun gift along with some nail polish.
  8. Pink Fluffy Keychain - £8 - This massive fluffy key chain from Skinny dip will make an amazing gift for that friend who can never find their keys! 
  9. Enchanted Forest Colouring Book - £9.95 - There seems to be a huge craze for these adult colouring books, everyone is obsessed with them! 
  10. Paperchase Copper Photo Frame- £10 - This is a much more sentimental gift compared to some of the others. Adding a lovely photo to a cute frame, is a gift most are likely to hold onto for years.
I hope that any of you struggling for gift ideas have found this post helpful and I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!

Lots of love,
Grace x

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  1. I love the nutella mug cake recipe book. It sounds deliciously wonderful.



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