15 things I want to do this year

New Year's resolutions are something I never stick to and often within weeks if not days I forget what they even are. I thought that through writing here publicly on my blog my resolutions, places I want to visit and things I want to accomplish and do, it will serve as a nice reminder that I can look back on through the year. I really feel like 2017 is going to be a good year, full of fantastic memories!!
  1. Exercise - there was a stage in 2016 where I exercised 4-5 time a week and I felt amazing and then everything got on top of me and I pushed working out to one side and kept saying i'll do it tomorrow, as cliche as it sounds this year I want to work out more. I don't want it to be a fad but for it to be part of my lifestyle, a more active lifestyle. I know from experience exercise gives me more energy and makes me feel good! 
  2. Make time to read more - I really want to start reading every night before I go to bed to help me relax and get a better night sleep.
  3. Sleep more - lately my sleeping pattern has been all over the place, I tend to fall asleep at 2 am and then wake up for work at 7 am. I really want to get myself into a good healthy sleeping schedule and stick to it.   
  4. Eat healthier - I always feel better when I eat clean and this year I really want to make healthy eating a big part of my life. 
  5. This summer I really want to go to my first festival.
  6. Be more spontaneous.
  7. Go to Harry Potter World. 
  8. Travel more - I plan to travel whether that is by myself or with my friends and family, I really want to get out there and see the world. So far I have booked a trip to Paris and Bali is definitely on my bucket list.
  9. Treat myself - I work hard for my money and often I forget to treat myself and buy something I really want, so this year I plan to save up and buy a designer bag or pair of shoes that I have had my eye on!
  10. Take more time to be thankful.
  11. Show more passion for things I believe in. 
  12. This year I want to do more charity work, not just through donating money but through giving my time and energy to charities I love. 
  13. Take part in a colour run.  
  14. Pass my driving test.
  15. Show more dedication to my blog - in September 2016 I started my blog, it was something different and unlike anything I have ever done before. I have really enjoyed my experience in the blogging community and in 2017 I have big plans to be more dedicated to posting.
Be sure to let me know what you are hoping to achieve this year, I would love to know.

Best wishes, 

Grace x


  1. I definitely want to travel more this year, and hopefully get my license too! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  2. I love love love your bloglayout girl! Have a fab sunday :)

    xx Lisa

  3. Love this list! I'm also trying to read more this year, it's so easy to completely forget about it xx


  4. I definitely would love to go to harry potter world! I just watched the movies for the first time and I am currently up to the very last one.


  5. This is a fantastic list, I hope you get to do it all. Good luck with your driving test I know how nerve wracking that can be, but I believe in you! Followed you on Bloglovin', loving your posts! Xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  6. We have some fairly similar goals, especially the travelling and the driving test!! I've been reading before bed this year and it makes me sleep so much better!

    The Makeup Directory

  7. I too want to travel more this year, and vist Harry Potter studios. I hope you do all these things!!


  8. I love this..

    Hope you'll stop by!



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