My Festive Style Guide

  • House Of Ho Ho Ho Fake Nails - These false nails are so stunning and perfect if you are feeling lazy or don't have time to paint your nails and wait for them to dry. 
  • Asos Cosy Pom Pom Socks - As it is getting colder fluffy socks are defiantly an essential to keep your feet nice and toasty during winter. 
  • Asos Santa Squad Tee - I love this Christmas tee, it is so cute! I like that it is short sleeved so on the off chance there is a slightly warmer day your can still look super festive without being all sweaty in a thick jumper. 
  • Jack Wills Mittens - Every winter I like wearing cute super festive mittens! Jack Wills is always my favrioute brand to buy mittens from, every year they bring out different patterns and colours.  
  • Faux Fur Headband - Pesonally I don't really like wearing hats but I do get quite cold ears, so I love this furry headband to keep my head warm during the colder months. 
  • Red Cherry False Lashes - These lashes from Red Cherry are definitely a current favrioute during this Christmas party season. 
  • NYX Liquid Suede - Shades: Sandstorm and Soft-Spoken - I have been obsessed with the liquid suede lipsticks from NYX for the past couple of months, the formula of these lip products are amazing and they are so affordable. 
  • Clinique Intense Chubby Stick - 07 - When I am not wearing the NYX liquid suede's on my lips then this is more than likley the lip colour I am rocking, it is the perfect festive lipstick.
  • Asos Pointed Heels -These shiny heels are the perfect shoes for any Christmas party, you can dress them up or down. They would look amazing with jeans or with a cute dress!
  • Dune Velvet Clutch -  I am so obsessed with this velvet clutch! To me velvet screams winter and this is the perfect clutch for Christmas and New Year partys, it is such a lovely versitile peice that will go with every outfit!
Be sure to let me know what you are rocking this Christmas party season in the comment section!

Lots of love,
Grace x

Vegan Truffles - Recipe

300g Dark Chocolate
1 Tin of Coconut Milk
2 Teaspoons Coconut Oil
Pinch of Sea Salt
Desiccated Coconut
Cacao Powder
To begin with place the coconut milk into a pan and put on a low heat until it starts to boil, whilst this is on the hob you can start to break up the dark chocolate and place in a large bowl along with 2 teaspoons of coconut oil and a pinch of salt. Once the coconut milk has started to boil take it of the heat and pour over the other ingredients in the bowl, then mix continuously until the dark chocolate has melted. Now you can pop clingfilm over the bowl and place the mixture into the fridge overnight or for at least a few hours. Once it has set take of the clingfilm and you can start to roll chunks of the chocolatey mixture into small balls. Next take the decorations of your choice (I chose cacao powder and desicated coconut) and roll the truffles in your chosen toppings until fully covered. Once you have finished all that is left to do is enjoy!
This is definitely my favourite recipe this holiday season, not only are these truffles the perfect snack they also make an amazing homemade gift, wrapped up in a festive box with a lovely red ribbon on top!

Make sure to let me know if you try out this recipe in the comment section below!

Lots of love,
Grace x

10 stocking fillers under £10

  1. Asos Pom Pom Fluffy Socks - £6 - Fluffy socks are a necessity during winter, they make a great stocking filler and I thought these knitted socks from Asos were super cute (I love the little pom pom's!). 
  2. Paperchase Travel Mug - £10 - This is the perfect gift for a coffee addict, it makes taking your hot drinks on the go so much easier.
  3. Zoella Ginger Fizz Bath Bombs - £8 - As I love a good soak in the bath it seemed only right that I included a bath product in this post, these Zoella beauty bath bombs look and smell amazing. 
  4. Red Cherry Lashes - If you have a friend obsessed with beauty and glam then lashes make a great gift!
  5. Asos Love Vouchers - £6.99 - I saw these vouchers on Asos and I loved them, I think they are such a cute and thoughtful gift. You receive a pad full of vouchers that have a place for you to sign and date at the bottom each voucher says something different. This could also make for a fun DIY project, as it is easy enough to make yourself.
  6. Nutella Recipe Book - £7.99 - A recipe book always makes a good gift, so for the Nutella lover in your life this recipe book full of delicious recipes will make the ultimate gift.
  7. Paperchase Nail Files - £3 -  If you know somebody who loves doing there nails this is such a fun gift along with some nail polish.
  8. Pink Fluffy Keychain - £8 - This massive fluffy key chain from Skinny dip will make an amazing gift for that friend who can never find their keys! 
  9. Enchanted Forest Colouring Book - £9.95 - There seems to be a huge craze for these adult colouring books, everyone is obsessed with them! 
  10. Paperchase Copper Photo Frame- £10 - This is a much more sentimental gift compared to some of the others. Adding a lovely photo to a cute frame, is a gift most are likely to hold onto for years.
I hope that any of you struggling for gift ideas have found this post helpful and I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!

Lots of love,
Grace x

Warming Winter Curry

2 Tins Coconut Milk
2 Tins Chopped Tomatoes
1 Tin Chick Peas
400g Baby Potatos
5 Carrots
4 Tea Spoons Chilli Flakes
3 Tea Spoons Cumin Seeds 
3 Tea Spoons Turmeric 
50g Spinach 
Half a head of Broccoli 
To begin with boil the potatoes until they are soft, whilst these are boiling you can start to prepare the other ingredients. Start by chopping up the carrots and the broccoli. Once the potatoes are cooked,  add them into a large saucepan along with the carrots, tin of tomatoes, coconut milk, chilli flakes, turmeric and cumin seeds, make sure to stir the ingredients well. Place the saucepan on a high heat then once it has started to boil reduce the heat and let simmer for around 45 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Now you need to add the chick peas, broccoli and spinach and continue simmering for another 15 minutes.  You can then turn of the heat and serve!

I love this meal it tastes so delicious, it's perfect to make up a big batch to freeze and ejoy throughout the week. It is so easy to make.

Be sure to let me know if you try out this recipe in the comments section below!

Lots of love,
Grace x

New York Beauty Haul

Okay so recently my parents went on a trip to the Big Apple, and naturally I sent them off with a list of products I desperately needed to add to my makeup collection!
How stunning is this Tarte palette?! The eye-shadows are so creamy, I love the formula! Originally I had on my list the Lorac Unzipped palette but unfortunately it was out of stock so kindly my Mum brought me back Tarte tartelette in bloom palette instead. They also  picked up the benefit professional primer which I have not tried yet and am so excited to.  
I have been looking forward to get my hands on Becca highlighter in Champaign Pop and I am so so happy to finally have it, honestly it is such a stunning highlighter, definitely a shade that will suit all skin tones.  
So the Wet n Wild eye shadows are a product I have heard a lot about and could not wait to try. These are very affordable and honestly I am so obsessed, Walking on egg shells is such a stunning trio, I have been using non stop.
I love when Sephora give you free samples and this time there was a cute little box with sample of a Marc Jacobs Lipstick and a black eyeliner (this eyeliner is incredibly creamy and extremely hard to remove).
Be sure to let me know if you would like a more in depth post about any of these products, I would love to do that! Let me know what products are on your beauty shopping list, in the comments section?

Lots of love,
Grace x

PawPost September Subscription Box Review

Okay, so I think a few introductions are in order. I would like you to meet Binky my little puppy, actually not so little anymore or in fact still a puppy. She is a Cockador, which is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and Labrador. 
So if you know me then you probably know that I love subscription boxes, whether they are beauty related, food or treats for my dog, I love them!!
So PawPost is a monthly subscription service, for your furry friend. They have both dog and cat boxes. The box cost from £17.95 , I love that you get the opportunity to try out so many new products and discover new brands that you may never have discovered. 
Now lets get into what was actually in the September PawPost box:
  • Alfie and Molly - Three Fish Delights - My dog loves fish so these went down really well, though they stank the house out. Binky definitely loved them.  
  • Alpha Spirit Lamb Snacks - a clear favourite, Binky could not get enough of these treats. I will have to hunt these down and purchase them again. 
  • Huxley Hound Organic Carrot - are still sat in the packaging, well and truly untouched, sadly for Binky her motto seems to be the smellier the treat the more she loves it and these scentless shavings of carrot did not appeal to her in the slightest.
  • I always find that dog toys are a great addition to any dog box though they only last around 10 minutes before Binky chews through the toy, though she does get so much  enjoyment out of a new toy. Toys can really help to stimulate a dogs mind and keep them thinking and playing. 
  • Hound Keep Calm Body Spray - I am not sure if this product really is calming but it smells great and I can see myself using it on Binky more as a deodoriser. 
Be sure to let me know what you think of this subscription service in the comment section down below.

Lots of love,
Grace x

Cinnamon Spice Chocolate Chip Cookies

75g Butter
50g Brown Sugar
3 Table Spoons of Golden Syrup
100g Milk Chocolate Chips
1-2 Tea Spoons of Cinnamon
175g Plain Flour
1/2 Tea Spoon Baking Soda  
Pinch of Salt
To Begin start by sifting the dry ingredients (Flour, Baking Power, Cinnamon and Salt) into a bowl. Next add the butter, then rub the ingredients together with your fingertips until it forms a breadcrumb like texture. Next you will need to add the brown sugar, golden syrup and chocolate chips. Mix this together to form a dough. It is now time to shape the cookies, to do this roll the small balls of the mixture and gently flatten on a baking tray. Then place in the middle shelf of a pr-heated over set to 180oc for 10 minutes or until golden. Once you have taken them out the oven leave them on the tray to cool and harden. Once they are cool, you can now plate them up and enjoy!!

I love this recipe, the flavour of the cinnamon make this the perfect recipe for Autumn. If you are not the biggest cinnamon fan then feel free to leave this ingredient out, the cookies will still taste amazing!

Be sure to let me know if you try out this recipe in the comments section.

Lots of love
Grace x

My Halloween Style

Halloween a.k.a another excuse to go shopping!!! If you know me then you know that every season I like to go all out to get myself into the festive spirit. Halloween is one of my favourite times of year, I love the build up of planning my outfit and shopping for decorations. I hope you enjoy this little peak into my 'Spooky' Style.

Be sure to let me know what you will be wearing this Halloween, in the comment section below!

Lots of love,
Grace x

Cocowhite - Review

Cocowhite is one of those products I am constantly seeing on Instagram and I have been desperate to try. I have to admit I have been very sceptical about using this as I was unsure of its capability. The product exceeded my expectations. Though my smile is still not quite as bright as Simon Cowell's, it is fair to say it is looking brighter! 
I love the packaging, it is very simple and fun. The sachets come in a compact box that features a unique image, along with bright bold colours. On the back of the box is all the information you need, what the product is, how to use it, the ingredients and information about the company. This is an all natural cruelty free product - which I love! It is a two week course, and is so simple to use. Simply squeeze one sachet of the coconut oil into your mouth and swirl it around for 15 minutes then repeat this everyday for 14 days. 
Now I am not going to lie and tell you that this product can work miracles, for me it simply removed stains and ultimately has given my teeth a brighter even colouring. The product quite simply is coconut oil with a small amount of flavouring, (the flavouring was not that strong to be honest). This would be easy enough to do at home without having to buy this box, but it is convenient having it all ready to use. To maintain the removal of discolouration (from caffeine etc) this is a process you would need to repeat every few months as it does not prevent future teeth staining!

Overall I really like this product. For me I started to notice subtle improvements quite quickly, and found that for the price tag (RRP £24.99) this product is reasonable if you are not willing to splash out hundreds of pounds on professional teeth whitening.

Let me know your thoughts about this product? Have you tried it? Be sure to let me know in the comments section below!

Lots of love,
Grace x

Disclaimer - This is not a sponsored post, all views and opinions are my own.

Banana Pops - Recipe

Dark Chocolate
Desiccated Coconut
Popsicle Sticks

To begin with you will need to peel your bananas, then cut the bananas in half, now you can take your Popsicle sticks and pop them in the end of the bananas. Next break up the dark chocolate and melt it in a microwavable bowl. To make sure you don't burn your chocolate I would recommend that every 20 seconds you take out the chocolate and stir, repeat this until perfectly melted. Now is for the fun part, dip over half of your banana in the melted dark chocolate, you want to make sure you get a nice even coverage (this can be a bit messy). To decorate take your choice of toppings,  I used sprinkles and desiccated coconut, but you can get really creative and use anything from nuts to edible glitter. Once you have decorated the bananas, all that is left to do is pop them in the freezer until the chocolate has set and enjoy!!

I love this recipe these are so easy to put together, and are great to make with younger children. When ever my younger cousin comes to visit, he always enjoys making these treats and gets very creative with the decorating!

Be sure to let me know if you try out this recipe in the comments section!

Lots of Love,
Grace xx

3 DIY Facemasks

As the seasons have started to change my skin has been going slightly crazy, and is in need of some TLC. Recently I have started researching and experimenting with different products to find out what can save my skin from the colder weather.
Mask 1
First up is this Banana, Oats and Honey mask. Bananas are packed full of antioxidants and moisture perfect for dry skin. Oats work really well as a natural cleanser and also work as a gentle scrub thanks to the grittiness of the oats, it is ideal to use on sensitive skin because it is so gentle. The Honey contains antibacterial properties which makes it a great acne treatment.

To make this mask start by taking your banana and mash it up with a fork to form a paste, you then add the oats (you can use as many oats as you want depending on the consistency you wish to achieve). Finally add a generous tea spoon of the honey and stir well. This is so easy to make and I love that the ingredients are all so natural, by making your own masks you really know what you are putting on your skin!
Mask 2
One of the main benefits of using Avocado on your skin is that it is super moisturising because it has such a high oleic acid content. It is full of anti ageing properties and can help to fight acne. Olive Oil is high in vitamin E as well as other antioxidants which help to keep skin smooth and protect it from premature ageing.   

It is crazy that this mask only contains two ingredients and for me it works wonders. Now it is probably quite obvious but to make this mask all you need to do is take 1 ripe avocado and mash it up with a fork (this can take a bit of time), then go ahead and add the olive oil (you can add as much olive oil as you want, I used about 1 table spoon). This mask is so simplistic, and super easy to put together as it only contain's 2 ingredients. It acts as a moisturiser perfect for dry and sensitive skin. 
Mask 3
There are so many benefits of using Cacao Powder it is full of antioxidants that will add a lovely glow to your skin as well as moisturising and helping to fight ageing. Again honey works as a great acne treatment. Coconut Oil now if you have read my previous post explaining my love of coconut oil (read here) then you will probably understand why I have included this product, it is full of antibacterial and anti fungal properties, it is really gentle yet works as a great cleanser.

This mask smells amazing, when ever I put it on my face I am actually tempted to eat it, so far I have managed to resist. Again this mask is easy to put together, simply put 1 table spoon of the cacao powder along with 2 tea spoons of honey and 1 tea spoon of melted coconut oil into a bowl and stir until a smooth paste forms.

What I love most about these masks is how simple and natural they are. Each item is packed full of so much goodness and just does wonders for your skin. 

Be sure to let me know if you try out any of these mask, in the comment section down below. Are  there any homemade face masks you think I should try out?

Lots of love,
Grace x
Disclaimer: I am in no way claiming to be an expert, I am only recommending products that work for my skin. If you have any concerns about using any of these products on your skin, then please ask professional before use.

My Most Loved Nail Polishes

(From Left to Right - Maybelline - 06 Deep Red, Essie - , Champneys -  Base & Top Coat, Essie - In Stitches , OPI - Tickle My Francey)
Maybelline Forever Strong Super Stay - 06 Deep Red - Okay so I went through a phase of being obsessed with red nail polish and I am still parshall to a red nail, don't get me wrong! I do tend to gravitate toward the more neutral colours now, but this red will always be a love of mine. It is such a lovely colour, ideal for Christmas time!!

Essie - In Stitches - This is the perfect pinky red shade. I usually wear this on my toe nails, I just find it to be a really flattering colour, as I prefer brighter colours on my toes but nothing too in your face.

CHAMPNEYS - Base & Top Coat- This is by far the best base & top coat I have tried! If I use this on top of my nail polish I can usually go around 5-7 days before the polish starts to chip away (which is crazy). Definitely a product I will be purchasing for years to come.

Essie - Take Me To Thread -  This is the newest addition to my collection and it is fair to say that I am in love with it. I have been wearing it none stop for the past couple of weeks. These Essie polishes are a newer release (you can probably tell from the packaging). I am already planning which shades to buy next.

O.P.I Nail Lacquer - Tickle My Francey - Oh how I adore this colour! I have to admit that this might just be my all time favourite polish. The colour is unreal, as is the lasting power. It has an amazing formula!

Let me know what your favrioute nail polish is in the comments section? Have you tried any of the one's I have mentioned?

Lots of love,
Grace x

My Top 3 Cookbooks


Charlotte Crosby - Live Fast Lose Weight
Now this definitely isn't your typical cookbook, it has Charlotte's cheeky twist along with pages and pages of helpful tips and tricks to get healthy and stay motivated. This is so much more than another cookbook, I can't say that I have ever come across anything else like it! It is full of simple recipes and plenty of honest tips. Inside are some of my all time favourites recipes, they are so simplistic which makes them perfect to whip up from day to day.

My Favourite Recipe - Definitely the sweet potato and salmon fishcakes.

Deliciously Ella
I feel like I have owned this book forever! I am not sure what I would do without it in my life, it was Ella and the help of this book that first inspired me to stop consuming so much processed and refined foods. This is what first opened my eyes to what I was eating and where it came from. Ella's story is so inspiring. I am constantly reaching for this book and will be for years to come.

My Favourite Recipe- has to be the black and kidney bean chilli, perfect to pop into your freezer and enjoy through out the week.

Niomi Smart - Eat Smart
Now this is a more recent purchase but I am currently obsessed. I have barely had it a week and so far I have loved every recipe I've tried! I have made a mental list, longer than my arm of recipes I must try out (the squash pizza's being at the top of my list). I am super excited to try out more of these recipes!

My Favourite  Recipe - So far the shepherd's pie is definitely my favourite, perfect now the whether is getting a little colder!

Let me know what you favourite cookbooks are?! I would love to know.

Lots of love,
Grace xx

Brand Focus - Barry M

In the past when thinking of Barry M my mind always goes to their nail polishes. For me I feel like their makeup products get lost in the mix amongst other drugstore brands, though recently I have started to experiment more with their makeup and have discovered a love for their products. I discovered that they are a cruelty free vegan company which is a massive plus!! Today I am going to share with you some of the items I have found myself reaching for regularly.

(The Super Natural Palette)
 I find myself constantly gravitating towards this palette. It is perfect if like me you are not the best at eye-shadow, all of the colours blend well together and are easy to wear from day to night. The quality of the eye shadows are amazing considering how inexpensive this palette is retailing at £6.49. This is the perfect palette to create a more natural look. They are not the most pigmented shadows, but they are very build-able. (This palette is exclusive to Superdrug).

(Shades From Left To Right- 17, 9 and 3)
These have to be some of the best drugstore lip liners I have found! They have a huge range of colours and the best part is that they are only £2.99 each, they are just so affordable. I love how creamy the texture is, they simply glide on to your lips.

 (Illuminating Strobe Cream)
This is the perfect highlighter to wear during the day when you don't want to look like a disco ball, it gives a really lovely glow to your cheekbones. The overall quality is fantastic! For me the only downside is the packaging, but considering the price I think I can get over it.

(Colour- Mushroom)
Barry M have such an amazing variety of nail polish colours. This is defiantly one of my favourites! I have always been a fan of a more neutral colour on my nails. Their nail polishes are defiantly some of my go to, they are long lasting and are super pigmented.

What is your favourite product by Barry M? Have you tried out any of these products before? Be sure to let me know in the comment section down below.

Lots of love,
Grace xxx

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